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ABOUT  Blue3Asia

Blue3Asia is founded by Daniel Yun, in partnership with YDM Global, part of a Korean digital media agency, to produce topical and narrative content for both traditional and online platforms across Asia. Our vision is to bring the best of the filmmaking world with the online world. To uncover new filmmaking talents in an ever changing and evolving media landscape. 


Daniel Yun

Daniel Yun is a veteran film producer, media practitioner, and marketer. In 1998, he founded MediaCorp Raintree Pictures. He was a strong driving force behind the push to establish a Singapore movie industry by nurturing Singapore filmmakers and collaborating with accomplished overseas filmmakers, Daniel led MediaCorp Raintree Pictures with over 30 releases, including ‘I Not Stupid’, ’The Eye’, ’The Maid’, ‘881’, ’The Leap Years’, ‘Infernal Affairs 2’, ’Turn Left, Turn Right’ and  ‘Painted Skin'. In 2015, he co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the five years-in-making ‘1965’, a movie on the pioneer generation in the months leading up to the independence of Singapore. In 2016, Daniel founded Blue3 Asia with the YDM Global Company, to develop and fund a slate of borderless and engaging content for online and offline distribution in Asia. 

associate producer

raymus chang

Raymus Chang graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts’ Arts Management programme, with especial focus on visual arts projects and publishing in Singapore. His interest in arts and media began with roles in management and research in the arts scene. Working with Blue3Asia, Raymus helps in aspects of producing, and drives facets of Business and Film development. He hopes to push the thresholds of filmmaking in Singapore.


althea lim

Althea Lim is a serial entrepreneur. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, decided against medical research, and started a privately held youth community and party promotion business called The Youth Empire when she was in still in school. In 2010, she created a social media agency called The Barnett Group, which was acquired by an Australian agency called The Farm Digital in 2012. By April 2012, both her and her co founder, Vincent Ha started on Gushcloud which started as a social sharing platform. They received a seed round of half a million from the ex co founder of Alibaba, John Wu; and set up office in San Francisco. Gushcloud pivoted to becoming an influencer management network by late 2012, and set out to be the largest influencer marketing network across South East Asia. Within 2.5 years, Gushcloud was acquired by Korea's largest and leading digital marketing group, Yello Digital Marketing Group for a multi million deal. Althea now sits as the Chief Strategy Officer of YDM Global Entertainment, the entertainment vertical of YDMG.

Althea loves Singapore, she loves young people. And her favorite movie is The Godfather. She hopes to open an education fund, a museum and one day, launch a space craft for Singapore.

vincent ha

Vincent Ha is an entrepreneur building products and services that the world will miss. He graduated Valedictorian of Singapore Management University in 2006. His 1st business was a video production company, Big 3 Productions. His 2nd business is a social media agency that he co founded with Althea Lim, called The Barnett Group. Together, they sold the business to an Australian Digital Agency called The Farm Digital in 2012. Following that, they co-founded Gushcloud and raised half a million from F&H Ventures. Gushcloud went on to be acquired by YDM (Yello Digital Marketing) in 2015. Vincent is now appointed as Chief Strategy Officer of YDM Global, operating in Southeast Asia.

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